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why I’ve gained weight so easily in Taiwan #zerotohero

As you can see, these are the documentation of my food in Taiwan. It was only a few of many photos in my archives. Most of the time I always take photos of my food before eating it, so as you can imagine my phone gallery is full of food 🍱🥤🍦, besides my selfies and drawings.

I have to admit that I’m too easily attracted to food 😂 That’s my problem to have such weak mind to anything delicious. And basically I like and not afraid to try new things -weird one is also acceptable-. In addition, I also have the access to these food since two years ago when I started to move in to Taipei to pursue master degree. The worst problem is I wasn’t afraid to be fat at all (wrong way of thinking due to some reasons), but now I regret it (really🙃). Right now, I’m afraid to be fat (even though I still am), so this year I decided to change. 2021 is my turning point! I have started to get out of my comfort zone, letting go some things that I hold too long (maybe I will tell about this later?) was one initial step of my life-changing.

Back to topic, actually to be honest, this topic is one of my insecurities. In real life situation, I kinda avoid this topic to talk about with people around me, except with some people I really trust, so if I ever raised this topic with you, be proud, because you are one of people that I trust enough 🙂

Long story short, since the first time I arrived in Taiwan, I’ve gained A LOT OF kilos. To be exact, I’ve gained (actually I am hesitant to mention it😶, but here you go😝) 13 kgs from the lowest to the highest weight I’ve ever been, only in period of about one and half year. Yes, it was a lot. There were many reasons, of course, but to be easy it was because of two main reasons: environment and constant stress in my life. However, I don’t want to blame anyone instead of me myself. Less motivation and lack of right way of thinking affect my habit and there was no people to “wake me up” until one day I wake up to discontentment feeling of my life. There were some signs from my body that I always dismissed all the time. I didn’t hear myself enough. Eventually, there’s no need to regret, since it’s already happened and I’ve already moved on.

Now it’s the time to get up and do well because everyday is a new day~ I am proud of myself for these several months for taking action into reality, though it’s still halfway through but definitely the progress is there! My body gave signs of getting fitter each day. The thing that I still have to improve is my sleeping schedule, since my work as architecture designer sometimes (most of the time, actually 🙂) required to be overtime, it’s kind of difficult for me to have enough sleep.

After all, I have this understanding of myself that I don’t like to rush and to be rushed about anything in life. So, slowly but surely, I’m going towards my goal to be my better self and have brighter future. 🌞

Mental Health

daily habits to prevent depression

This morning while doing my daily job as usual, I decided to listen to Youtube recommendation on my phone. Using wireless earphone, it is very convenient to do multi-tasking. My eyes focus on computer while my ears focus on listening.

It was only one click from my phone notification. I’m glad to choose these videos because those were quite useful for me, especially for this time. During this pandemic, I felt a bit overwhelmed with the situation and especially it is because my mind always overthinks everything that actually no need to be overthink 🙂

So yeah, I think I need to have positive habits to keep me sane. Here’s the first video some daily habits to prevent depression:

➼ morning routine: express gratitude or meditation, avoid social media when you wake up

➼ see social media in lunch time

➼ have enough night sleep (I’m still struggling to do this, only had 4 to 5 sleeping hours on weekday recently 😥 I know it’s not healthy, but yeah…)

➼ being clean and get dress

➼ take vitamin

➼ exercise (very agree, even though I only started doing exercise these several past months, but it really helps to improve my mental health!)

➼ being outside: get sun or wind~ or open your windows if the condition don’t allow you to be outside in this pandemic situation

➼ evening routine: pray or journaling or just write out your feeling or thoughts (recently just started doing bullet journaling again after many years of only thinking about it…)

➼ self-care

➼ have social interactions, human needs it 🙂 (haha agree on this one, but sometimes the reality is not that easy😂)

Source: Daily Routine To Fight Off Depression – Psych2Go


And here’s the second video about some small yet life-changing things you can do to improve your daily life.

7 Small Changes to Improving Your Life

➼ put your phone on silent & face down

➼ put your alarm opposite of your bed (have been doing this for some time and it works!)

➼ carry a water bottle always (eight cups a day)

➼ allow yourself to say “no” to others

➼ share your ideas or write down your thoughts (yes, journaling can be very helpful)

➼ replace bad thoughts with good ones by acknowledging it first

➼ think before you react (maybe I’m too good at this 😂, since I always think too much before really express myself)

Source: 7 Small Changes That Will Improve Your Life – Psych2Go