Daily Thoughts

reasons why I love being here in Taiwan

How grateful I am to be here in Taiwan. These days the pandemic has definitely not over yet, but the condition is getting better and better each day.

As you can see, the graphic is drastically flatten to almost under 10 new cases per day. That is a relieving fact to hear in these bizzare time.

Per 18th July, there are still 1,095 active cases in this country. However, this number is counted as fairly low and controllable. For the last one week the government has eased the strict control for some restrictions, such as reopening some public facilities and allowing small number of social gathering.

This morning I just read the news that Malaysia defense minister, Ismail Sabri, praised Taiwan as he said, “Taiwan has not introduced any nationwide or local lockdowns, yet it still has one of the lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. The key to Taiwan’s successful pandemic response was self-discipline on the part of the population.” – Taiwan News

Couldn’t agree more with his statement. Witnessing by myself how Taiwanese deal with the pandemic, make me believe that everything is possible as long as we ourselves have awareness and discipline.

I love this country for the people’s attitude and the government’s prompt and clear policy. However, I admit that I often think Taiwanese are being too much, too paranoid of something that hasn’t happened yet. Even so, they are just simply being preventive.

Care of others and unselfishness are highly essential disposition each person has to have in this pandemic era. Nevertheless, I still thrive myself of becoming a better person and more aware of my surrounding each day.

Lately, I frequently wondered – during restless days and sleepless nights- what if Covid has never happened and existed; what if masks weren’t part of our everyday fashion. Yes, it’s been a very strange period of time. But in the end of the day, I just hope that the world will be healed very soon.